Day in the life of quarantine

Manoj Regmi

Accidents happen. Our bones shatter, our skin splits, our hearts break. We burn, we drown, and we stay alive. It has been five months that I have returned home from kathmandu. Beside this pandemic I am very happy these days. As I become locked in my home, I have discovered how much cleaner the air has how much cleaner the river has, how new sun and moon has come back and providing so much joy in our lives. I think this also getting us the opportunity to feel and think about how terrible it must be for all those animals that are pushed to become locked and sit in isolation. How difficult it must be for them to live away from their family and children. I think this time has made us more empathetic, more sensitive and more connected than ever before.\”\”

During my days in hometown I’ve taken some of the most powerful images ever as a photographer. I don’t think I’ve ever edited photos that brought a pie of happiness and joy to my eyes at once. I’m proud of this nature and environment. I’m very happy that this corona virus and the lockdown have given me huge opportunity to feel them and play around. I’m honored and grateful that has been on this assignment and is a part of something so amazing I can’t put it into words.

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and life saving medicines. All these things make human life possible and most comfortable. Without this life would not be easy or even doesn’t exist. So, human become aware that our health, peace, prosperity, pursuit of happiness and progress is depend on nature. And all the living species we, co-inhabit our planet with.

Imagine being born in the 1970s, how difficult it was to do work in the fields ? How people cultivate? How people earn and live? But now, I think time has been changed. The way of doing work and daily living become much easier than before. Now, the greatest quest here is, Why do we go away? So that we can came back. And see the place where we came from with new eyes and extra colors. Than we have found a difference. So, why we are doing late to accept the difference and make life easier and faster. Sometimes before in Kthmandu I have been studying and working for a newspaper. But, today I work from home on my patio. The scene is beautiful and relaxing. Peaceful and birds are chirping. But then there is always this constant reminder that it isn’t peaceful. We are living in historical times where every time people used to work on the fields and arrange the food. We’ve stayed as isolated as we can but there’s only so much we can do. Please everyone. Stay home. Stay safe. The economy will pick back up.

The country has money; we just aren’t spending it right now. These are my thoughts as I write articles, sip tea, and post a picture of working at home and spending time with my mother that a few months ago I would have been jealous of but now is tainted with tragedy and fear around the world. As we come out from this pandemic let’s remember to continue to build the world with that sense of empathy, respect and love not just each other for human relations but also for the nature and animals. Because our health our progress and our lives are connected with the nature and environment.


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